Albufera tours

Get some fresh air

After a few days in the city, you may want to escape and get some fresh air!

The Albufera Lake lies just south of Valencia, and is surrounded by rice fields. It is a protected nature reserve, where you can see many migratory birds.

We pick you up with an accessible van and then first head for the dunes and forest on the strip of land between the lake and the sea, while we tell you about the history of the lake and the rice.

If there is enough time, we pass by an information centre with a small alkaline lake and an observation area; it is the best place to see flamingos!

From here it is a short drive to the village of El Palmar, right at the lake, where we go for a boat trip to see the lake and birds. There is always a breeze on the lake, so the boat trip is great when it is hot.

The Albufera rice is grown especially for the paella, and at the lake you can find the best paellas of Valencia! Of course we will take you to the best paella place in the village.. After lunch we go back to Valencia, in time for your siesta.